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Be in total control of hair texture.


Qiqi Hair Controller is a proprietary technology that penetrates softens disulfide bonds, and allows long-lasting changes in hair texture.

The Chemistry

Hair controller Chemistry

Hair Controller includes active, acidic ingredients that soften the disulfide bonds, allowing you to reshape and change hair texture using heat activated tools.

Free from harsh & toxic ingredients.

No Damage.

No Restrictions.

Hair Controller alters hair without alkaline ingredients.

Rejuvenate and revitalize hair.

Safe for all hair types - including colored and chemically-treated.
You can color hair same day after service is complete.

Wear your hair how you like it the same day - ponytails, braids, or clips.

Work out or shampoo same day.

Hair is resistant to sweat, humidity and extreme temperatures.

Free to take a dip in the pool or ocean without compromising the effects of the treatment.

You are the artist

Control your client’s hair texture for superior cuts, color, extension, and styling services. Ranging from bouncy curls to silky straight.

Get ready to create without compromise.

Master the Art and Science of Hair Control

Step 1


Take a hard look

Before using Hair Controller, look at the overall hair health of the hair and scalp. Ensure the scalp is healthy and free of abrasions before continuing.

Manage client expectations

Discuss previous chemical, color and styling history with your client.

Hair Controller is safe for all hair types, however, use caution with high temperature as it may cause discoloration or damage to grey or overly-porous blonde hair.

All hair types will benefit from Hair Controller and achieve their desired texture. Some clients with extremely curly hair may require more than one service to achieve flat, straight hair-dried results.

Step 2



Cleanse hair only with QiQi Go Deeper shampoo.

Shampoo twice.

Allow second wash to absorb on hair.

Virgin, Resistant, Curly, Coily:5 minutes

Moderate curl, moderate porosity:5 minutes

Overly Porous, compromised hair:2 minutes with only one shampoo recommended

Towel dry to 90%

Leave hair damp without any water dripping

Step 3


You’re prepped and ready. It’s time to apply Hair Controller

Apply Evenly

For virgin applications, use an application brush and apply Hair Controller 0.5cm away from the scalp through the ends.

For retouch applications, use an application brush and apply Hair Controller 0.5cm away from the scalp to the line of demarcation.

Overlapping is safe.

Step 4

Heat Activate

Activate Hair Controller with heat to penetrate the cortex. This softens the disulfide bonds.

Virgin, coarse, resistant hair

60 - 90 minutes. high heat

Moderate curl and porosity

45 - 60 minutes. high heat

Overly-porous, damaged

30 minutes. high heat

Rinse 90%

Don’t rinse entirely - leaving 10% of Hair Controller in the hair retains moisture and the slight acidity aids in the finishing process. Rinse gently on low flow. Water should look slightly milky when finished.

The chemistry has ended.

The artistry begins.

Use our Product Configurator to help you calculate your client’s specific service options.

For more in-depth information on Hair Controller, place visit Qiqi Labs.

The artistry begins

Now that you have rinsed you can change the texture as much or as little as you want, from soft hydrated curls to flat straight and everything in between. If you want to keep your curls, waves, coils, or just hydrate thirsty hair and not change the shape, apply our Super Soaker Masque for 10 minutes after you rinse, locking in hydration, for the best version of your hair.

To stretch curls and retain some texture, blow dry hair on high heat with a metal or ceramic centered round brush. Curl pattern will be reduced, hydrated and easier to style. To create the straightest results, set your straightening iron close to 450° F/ 230° C so the hair can safely accept it. More heat, more tension, more passes = straighter results.

Finish strong

Maintain beautiful hydration, shine, and softness by using Super Soaker masque every time. Super Soaker is a perfect masque to send all your clients home with.

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