Go Deeper Shampoo

A shampoo that goes beyond clarifying to purify and prepare the hair for salon's services, giving you a blank slate. Go deeper, with an intense clean that dissolves cationic build-up and prepares hair for all treatments without stripping it of necessary oils. Leaving your client's hair ready for any service.

1 size available

Dive into the depths of desire with Go Deeper Shampoo, where hair meets the commanding force of haircare excellence. This professional-grade shampoo is an irresistible dominator that plunges deep, leaving no trace of impurity or disobedience. Its commanding formula ensures a thorough cleansing that satisfies the most demanding of enthusiasts and clean freaks. Embrace the seductive powers of this dominatrix shampoo, meticulously crafted exclusively for professionals. Experience the tantalizing fusion of ingredients that fuel this captivating potion. Water, Sodium Cochet Sulfate, and Cocamide DEA join forces to create a cleansing masterpiece that will fulfill your deepest yearnings. Let Go Deeper Shampoo transport you to a realm where control and submission intertwine. Surrender to its authority and embrace the profound satisfaction that comes with an unparalleled cleansing experience.

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