Thick and Coarse Hair Controller

Dominate and transform thick and coarse (even colored or chemically-treated) hair without damage. Hair Controller: professional-only) Make hair obedient with long-lasting innovation that controls and changes any texture…without the need for safe words.

1 size available

Dive into the world of dominance with Qiqi’s Thick & Coarse Hair Controller, where boundaries crumble under your commanding touch. This professional-grade hair treatment grants you unparalleled control over thick and coarse hair, unleashing a realm of possibilities for manageability, styling, and transformation. Thick & Coarse Hair Controller is a revolutionary salon secret, defying the norms of traditional haircare. This seductive formula, crafted with a minimalistic, expert approach, features a carefully curated blend of powerful ingredients like Glyoxylic Acid, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil. Witness as rebellious strands succumb to your mastery, embracing a new texture that's effortlessly tamed, styled, and indulged. Free from alkaline-based formulas, this salon secret rejuvenates and revitalizes without compromise. Embrace the power of dominance. Begin by selecting the appropriate version based on hair type and condition, setting the stage for a customized experience. Activate the magic by applying heat for 40-60 minutes, allowing the controller to work its transformative wonders. Experience the thrill of control and domination with Thick & Coarse Hair Controller. Embrace the forbidden allure of dominance and leave an indelible mark on every strand you touch.

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