Thin and Delicate Hair Controller

A customizable texture-changing salon treatment to dominate hair. Make your hair obedient with long-lasting innovation that controls any texture without damage. No need for safe words - Hair Controller is safe for color or chemically-treated hair. For professional use only.

1 size available

Indulge in the forbidden delight of Qiqi's Thin & Delicate Hair Controller, where boundaries vanish, and hair becomes an instrument of ecstasy. Experience the transformative power as delicate and thin hair surrenders to its charm. Embrace a minimalistic approach with a select few potent ingredients, including nourishing Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Panthenol. With an iron fist, this controller molds, shapes, and bestows enchanting allure upon your locks. Rejuvenate chemically treated hair with its enigmatic formula, eliminating the need for chemical fumes and ensuring no downtime for hair coloring. Protecting against heat up to 450°F/230°C, it defies nature's laws and withstands harsh climates. Unleash your inner dominator, conquer the realm of hair, and leave admirers entranced in your wake.

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