We are visionary hair experts with decades of experience who have never been satisfied with the status quo. We work hard to develop transformative and inclusive salon-grade products for both professionals and consumers.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower people with total control to transform their hair without compromise: no harmful ingredients, no outdated processes, no ineffective formulas and no limits.

Our beliefs

We believe that hair is a work of art. It’s the most personal form of self-expression. To feel comfortable in your hair isn’t enough; we’re here to help you embrace the wild, quirky, and sexy parts of your self-image with products designed to bring out your inner masterpiece.

What we do

Qiqi is hair control. We create salon-grade hair control and care products that harness ground-breaking science, ingredients and proprietary manufacturing processes to deliver exceptional lasting performance.

Our Brand history


Qiqi is started in a small lab to explore solutions for safe and effective hair control.


A breakthrough in Hair Controller development is made after countless iterations and research.


Qiqi is launched with an international team behind it, and partnerships all around the world that continue to grow.


Qiqi assumes its true brand identity with a focus on the balance between the avant garde and pure science.

Qiqi Products

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